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You’ll enjoy streak-free windows with our professional exterior window cleaning services.

Every year, there are hundreds of emergency room visits and hospital stays caused by ladder mishaps. Some of those happen when homeowners and business owners decide to handle their own exterior window cleaning for windows above the main floor. At Sentry Soft Wash, we want to help you avoid that scenario. You will find that our exterior window cleaning services not only keep you safely on the ground, but also free up your time for more enjoyable pursuits.

Exterior Window Cleaning in Houston, Texas

Another benefit of outsourcing your exterior window cleaning is that we do an excellent job. It can be frustrating and challenging to get streak-free windows when you don’t do that task every day like we do. Our professionals are highly trained and experienced to get you beautiful results, so you can enjoy an unrestricted view of your property and the world beyond.

We utilize a soft wash system that is tough on the grime that accumulates on your windows but is gentle on the seals, hardware, and other components. Our system is so effective that you might want to have us handle your exterior window cleaning even if you have tilt-in windows. Being able to clean your windows from inside is a nice feature, but it is still time-consuming and it is difficult to get the great results we can offer.

If you’d rather take the family to someplace fun in the Houston, Texas area instead of handling your own exterior window cleaning, reach out to us today to get a quote for our service. We can also handle other exterior cleaning you need done, including fence cleaning, gutter cleaning, driveway cleaning, roof cleaning, deck cleaning, brick cleaning, and more.