Battery Acid Stain Removal, Houston, TX

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When we perform battery acid stain removal, we’ll utilize the effective and eco-friendly softwashing method.

Battery Acid Stain Removal in Houston, TexasMany rechargeable batteries contain lead-based acid, including the batteries used in vehicles. The acid is typically diluted when it’s placed into the battery, but it can still leave behind stains if it leaks. If a vehicle is parked on a driveway or road and the battery leaks, this could result in unsightly stains that are difficult to remove. Battery acid stains can also lead to erosion of certain surfaces, so it’s important to have the acid removed as quickly as possible to minimize the extent of the damage caused.

If you have an acid stain on your Houston, Texas property, you can trust our experienced technicians at Sentry Soft Wash to perform professional battery acid stain removal. We use a method known as softwashing, which is an incredibly effective yet gentle alternative to pressure washing.

Although pressure washing may remove some acid stains, it can also damage to the surface. Too much water pressure can wreak havoc on concrete, asphalt, and other surfaces. This method also uses a lot of water, which is wasteful and can be concerning to eco-conscious property owners.

When we perform battery acid stain removal, we’ll utilize this effective and eco-friendly method to eliminate tough stains. Each of our technicians has undergone the necessary training to become certified in the SoftWash Systems cleaning method. They also go through a background check and drug screening before joining our team, so you can feel comfortable when they are working on your property.

Say goodbye to unsightly stains when you schedule a battery acid stain removal service today!