Roof Cleaning, Houston TX

Roof cleaning has to be done with care to achieve the best results.

A roof covered in black streaks, mold, mildew, and moss can make your home or business look unsightly – and it isn’t particularly good for the roofing either. At Sentry Soft Wash, we got our start in the roofing industry, so we know how detrimental it can be to neglect roof cleaning. It can shave many years off the functional life of your roofing. We offer professional roof cleaning services for all types of roofing, including metal, tile, shingles, slate, and more.

Roof Cleaning in Houston, Texas

There is another benefit to working with a company that has a roofing background. We are able to let you know if there is a roofing problem going on. You can then act proactively to resolve a small problem before it becomes an expensive one. We can also make you aware if roof replacement is needed so you don’t spend the money on roof cleaning when you should be applying it to a new roof. Other roof cleaning companies don’t have that insight and experience, so calling on us can save you money and alert you to a problem before you experience severe water damage.

Because we really know roofing, we have tailored our roof cleaning services to be beneficial to your roofing without causing any damage. It has to be done properly to get what you don’t want there removed while not adversely affecting the roofing materials. Our professionals are thoroughly trained in all pressure washing and soft washing services so they’ll always provide superior results for any project you need completed. Contact us today to get a free estimate for roof cleaning or any of the other cleaning services that we offer in the Houston, Texas area.