Deck Cleaning, Houston, TX

Make your deck look like new again.

Your deck is an important feature of your home. Here, you gather with your family, host barbecues, and relax when the weather is nice. But the elements can start to damage your deck’s appearance, and over time, your deck may start to look dingy because of the accumulation of moss, mold, algae, dirt, and the buildup of other contaminants.

Deck Cleaning in Houston, Texas

You’ve tried power washing, but these deck cleaning results only get you so far. And it seems like after you power wash, you need to power wash again just a short time later. Get lasting results and make your deck look better than it has in a while with the deck cleaning solutions we provide at Sentry Soft Wash. We clean decks throughout the Houston, Texas area, and we know you’ll be blown away by the results we get for your home.

Soft washing is gentler on your deck than power washing, so it won’t degrade your decking materials like regular power washing sessions will. Plus, this service eliminates contaminants at their source, so the results you’ll get will last much, much longer. Overall, your deck will look great once we’re done cleaning it, and you’ll never go back to traditional power washing.

Make regular deck cleaning part of your home maintenance routine by letting us come and soft wash this exterior surface. For more information about our deck cleaning services or to get a quote for your next appointment, get in touch with us today.