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Make your home look cleaner than ever before!

You want your home to look clean and well-maintained in every season of the year. If you’re not impressed by the results of standard powerwashing, try something new and turn to us at Sentry Soft Wash. Our residential services in Houston, Texas include exterior cleaning, roof cleaning, and siding cleaning, and we guarantee unbelievable results for your home. We use a specialized soft washing cleaning technique that’s safe for your home and gets results that last much longer than pressure washing. Contact us now for more information about our residential services!

Residential Services


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House Washing in Houston, Texas

Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning has to be done with care to achieve the best results. A roof covered in black streaks, mold, mildew, and moss can make your home or business look unsightly - and it isn’t particularly good for the roofing...
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Siding Cleaning in Houston, Texas

Siding Cleaning

We are certified by SoftWash Systems, which is the safest method for siding cleaning used today. There are certain improvements that you make to your Houston, Texas home that represent a sizeable investment, so you want to be sure they...
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Residential Building Washing in Houston, Texas

Residential Building Washing

We use a soft wash technique that is one of the safest residential building washing methods. The exterior of your home tends to take quite a bit of abuse. Rainstorms, heavy winds, and flying dirt and debris can all leave...
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Concrete Cleaning in Houston, Texas

Concrete Cleaning

We can perform concrete cleaning on a range of surfaces, including flooring, pathways, driveways, and walls. Concrete is a commonly used material in the construction world. It’s extremely durable and is often used to create walkways, pathways, driveways, foundations, and...
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