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Choose us the next time you want to pressure wash your house.

Pressure washing can make your home look better for a little while. But at Sentry Soft Wash, we want you to know there’s an alternative to the standard pressure wash services you’ve been using to clean your home’s exterior. We use soft washing, which is a better option than pressure washing, because it gently cleans your home while also getting extraordinary results.

Pressure Wash in Houston, Texas

One of the main reasons why we don’t recommend turning to your standard pressure wash company to eliminate dirt, gunk, and grime from your property’s exterior is because pressure washing isn’t gentle on your home. The intense power of pressure washing can clear away debris, but it can also damage your home’s siding, windows, roofing, and other materials.

Our soft washing processes are gentler on your home and get results like you’ve never seen before. Plus, since soft washing eliminates dirt and grime at their sources, your home will look cleaner for longer, allowing you to go longer in between appointments than if you choose to pressure wash.

We’ve invested tons of time and money into educating our technicians, so they know how to do a great job when they come and wash your home’s exterior. We’re also well known throughout our service area in Houston, Texas for our superior customer service and the way we work efficiently. Have us clean your home and you’ll notice a real difference in the cleanliness and appearance of your property – contact us today to set up your next cleaning appointment!


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