Siding Cleaning: Why Does it Need to be Done?

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Siding Cleaning: Why Does it Need to be Done?The siding on your home looked great when it was new, but if it has started to look dirty and less appealing, it may be time for siding cleaning. You may think cleaning the siding on your home is as easy as getting a brush and soap and water, but the truth is that most of the things that need to be removed just don’t come off that easily.

  • Mold and Mildew. Moisture can lead to mold and mildew issues and oftentimes the areas of the home that receive less direct sunlight will have the biggest problem. Other causes for mold and mildew growth include rainwater being trapped behind the siding or within the material, or a leaky drainpipe or gutter. Whatever the cause, mold and mildew make your siding look dirty and can cause damage over time.
  • Stains. Leaky gutters and rusty nails can cause reddish brown stains that not only make your siding look terrible but lead to bigger problems if they are not repaired.
  • Dirt and Debris. Wind can cause dirt and debris to accumulate on your siding and when it rains, streaks are likely to show up.
  • Improves Curb Appeal. If you are in the process of selling your home, dirty siding makes a bad impression by making your home appear older and in worse condition than it actually is.
  • Preparation for Repairs. If you are doing repairs, the most important step is to begin with a clean surface when applying sealant, stain or paint. Siding cleaning is essential for taking off peeling layers that may hinder success when applying any of these products.

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