Oil Clean-up, Houston, TX

If you need help with oil clean-up, give us a call to get our experts on the job.

Here at Sentry Soft Wash, we understand that spills can be a serious problem, depending on the volume of the spill and the substance involved. Oil spills, for example, are a major issue that need to be dealt with right away. Even when an oil spill is relatively small, it will still cause serious problems for the surrounding area and all the people and wildlife in it. If you are dealing with such a spill, don’t panic–instead, call our team to get our oil clean-up experts on the job.

Oil Clean-up in Houston, Texas

Oil is a difficult substance to remove from surfaces once it’s been spilled, and it often takes specialized equipment in order to get it off. Our team has all the tools necessary for this process, and we have extensive experience in how to use them, so you can count on us to effectively wash the oil away. Another thing that makes oil clean-up challenging is properly disposing of the wastewater. Depending on how much oil makes it into the wastewater, it may not be possible to let it just wash into the sewers–for wastewater with a high oil content, you will likely be required to collect it and haul it to an EPA approved disposal facility. Our team is prepared for this part of the task, too, and will handle all the disposal needs.

We are proud to serve the Houston, Texas, community, and we want to help you deal with oil and other spills in an effective way. If you need oil clean-up services, just give us a call.