Did You Find One of Our Binder Clips in Your Driveway?

It Has Tons of Different Uses Besides Just Holding Stacks of Paper Together!

Whether it is by helping you get the exterior of your home looking great or by simply giving you some unique ways to use your new binder clip, Sentry Soft Wash is all about making your life easier and better. 

Binder Clips Have Tons of Uses!

Here are some unique uses for binder clips:

  • Clip a few alongside the edge of your desk and thread your charger cords through them. This makes it easy to keep your chargers organized without cords getting everywhere.
  • Get more out of that almost-empty tube of toothpaste by smoothing it out, rolling up the bottom, and adding the binder clip to the bottom to hold your spot.
  • Going on a trip? Safely pack your disposable razor by placing the top of the razor inside the binder clip. This is also a great way to keep the razor from getting dirty when you store it.
  • Do you have a bunch of loose wires behind your TV or computer? Neatly clip them together with a binder clip!
  • Clip the top of a bag of chips to keep your snack fresh for the next time you’re hungry.
  • Hold a trash bag in place by using binder clips to secure it to the sides of the trash can.
  • Use a binder clip to hold your cash, cards and ID.
  • Use binder clips in place of clothes pins.
  • Use it as a glasses holder. Just clip your binder clip to a surface and fold the legs back. Then place one of the temples of your glasses through the legs.

We hope you get some good use out of your binder clip! While you’re here, please take a look at our services and learn how else we can help you.  Give us a call when you’re ready to schedule!

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We hope you get some good use out of your binder clip! And remember that if you ever need someone to clean your home’s exterior, we’re ready and waiting to help.