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We can restore the appearance of your home, business, monuments, and more!

About Sentry Soft Wash in Houston, TexasOur owner, Derrick, came into the pressure washing business after being a roofer and realizing that not every roof needed repairs or replacement. Sometimes all they needed was a really good cleaning! In addition, he also noticed that sometimes a roof prematurely failed because it hadn’t received the maintenance and cleaning it needed. Black streaks, mold, mildew, and moss are detrimental to all types of roofing, including slate, metal, tile, and shingles.

As a roofer turned pressure washer, he felt that he could offer an exceptional added service that most pressure washing companies couldn’t- he could tell you if there was a problem with your roof that goes beyond what roof cleaning can provide. He puts the same dedication and professionalism into his company, Sentry Soft Wash, that he did when he was working in roofing. As such, we have been able to expand our services into siding cleaning, parking lot cleaning, spill clean-up, building washing, and monument cleaning. We have also become authorized and certified with the SoftWash system.

Derrick work closely with every new hire to be sure they’ll uphold his high standards. Only after a background check and complete, intense training in all pressure washing and soft washing services will they be able to work for our customers in the Houston, Texas area to provide the best cleaning processes.

We are always looking for ways to better help our customers. We truly care about our community and love to find ways to give back. In fact, Derrick volunteers at a local nonprofit and transports and delivers dogs to their new homes. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!